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ICM Prague 2014

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Pre Booking of  congress workshops Now Open

A selected number of ICM and partner workshops are now available for Congress Delegates to pre-book. Usually the numbers of people able to be accommodated at these workshops are quite small and advance booking helps ensure control over smaller room spaces.  These workshops, many of them approved by ICM Board, are outwith the scientific peer-reviewed programme. We ask delegates to select only one of the ICM workshops.


FP Take a look a the the Venue section and make your self familiar with the venue floorplans.

Voices Voices of Midwives poster is avalable in up-to-date version including confirmed Kampa Park location in download section.


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Scientific Programme Online

Over 3000 midwives head for Prague Congress

Following the closure of early bird registration on 21 February over 3000 registrations had been received for the Prague ICM Congress.

Opening Ceremony tickets available

Tickets remain available for the Opening Ceremony and the welcome reception at 15hr00 on Sunday 1 June. Click here to find out more and to book now.

Come to Prague


Heading for the Largest ICM Congress?

Over 3,500 delegates are expected at the 30th International ICM Congress. Following the closure of early bird registrations in February, just over 3000 registrations were made. Make sure that tickets are booked for the Opening day events while some are still available.

Opening Day

From existing bookings most delegates understand that there is an opening day fee for 1 June and a separate congress fee for 2-5 June, but here is a reminder for new registrants. Because of limited capacity in the main plenary hall there is a ticket price for the opening day and a separate ticket for the four days of the scientific congress.

Tickets for the main plenary hall opening ceremony are based on a first come basis. Attention new delegates and delegates who have already registered for the main congress but not booked the opening ceremony: tickets are still available for the live opening ceremony in the main plenary hall at 39 euro or for the relayed ceremony in the overflow hall at 20 euro. Go to registration information for further details.

Note: there is no ticket requirement for the daily plenary session with keynote speakers on Monday-Thursday (2-5 June) in the main hall; when the main plenary hall is full, delegates will be directed to the overflow Forum Hall where the session will be relayed.


Message from the ICM President, Frances Day-Stirk

Dear Midwives,

Frances Day-StirkEach ICM Congress is unique and  provides an opportunity to share knowledge, network and strengthen midwifery in various regions of the world. The 30th ICM Congress in Prague will bring to the forefront the challenges facing midwifery, particularly in Eastern Europe, and the bridges we must build to ensure high quality women-centred midwifery care in that region of the world. Governments and our global partners have recognized that midwives are an essential workforce to achieve Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5 by 2015.

The theme for the 2014 congress is ‘Midwives: Improving Women’s Health Globally’, a theme which reflects MDG 5: To improve maternal health. Work has started already to bring you a very special 30th Triennial Congress in one of Europe‘s very special capital cities. An ICM Congress is memorable not to be missed event.  It is  about the experience of thousands of midwives sharing excellence in practice,education and research and much more; it is also about mutual support at a  global level. I look forward to welcoming you and wish you well as you start forward planning and gathering funds for the Prague Congress.

Frances Day-Stirk

ICM President

Message from the President of the Czech Confederation of Midwives, Radka Wilhelmová

My dear midwives,

Radka Wilhelmová

There is only one year left till ICM Prague 2O14 and the preparation of which is fully running. Let me, on behalf of my name, as the newly elected President, as well as on behalf of the host organization – The Czech Confederation of Midwives, invite you for this special event to meet and share the togetherness of midwives coming from all over the world. The topic which the congress focuses on is the women’s and children’s health improvement. This congress is a great opportunity to exchange experience leading to the attainment of our collective goal including not only the field of research and education but also the field of practice. The meeting is a beautiful possibility to express our reciprocal (mutual) support and to make new partnerships and friendships.    

The congress will be held in the heart of Europe, in the city Prague being also called Mother of cities. This should be understood as a symbol expressing the meaning of midwife which is the heart of care for mother with child and supporting mother at the same time. The bridges over the river Vltava flowing through Prague have the symbolic meaning too. These bridges are connecting everything and everybody on the way to our collective goal.

Midwives all over the world have an irreplaceable role in care for mother and child as well as in global development of worldwide health. Not only for this reason, in one year time, let´s meet and show the world WHO the midwife is and what kind of art is hers.  

Radka Wilhelmová
ČKPA President

Welcome from the Lord Mayor of Prague

Dear Midwives,

I am delighted that ICM will hold its 30th Triennial Congress in the City of Prague. Not only is Prague one of the most beautiful cities in the world but it is also a safe and friendly location for midwives.

The City will provide a stimulating and inspiring setting for your international Congress that is recognised for its excellent scientific programme, which addresses the challenges facing the world of midwifery and the care of mothers and their new-borns. I am pleased that you also will have time for social networking and for enjoying the sights and scenery of Prague.

I hope to be able to meet some of you during your visit and to personally welcome you to our city. I am sure that the congress will be a great success and that you take home fond memories of Prague.

Mayor of the City of Prague

Message from the minister of health

Dear Midwives,

Czech health care can justly be proud of the established system of care for pregnant women and newborns. Thanks to long-term efforts to improve the quality of perinatal care, including care for pregnant women, mothers and newborns, and thanks to the interdisciplinary cooperation of gynaecologists, obstetricians, neonatologists, paediatricians, geneticists, midwives and paediatric nurses, the Czech Republic attains one of the best results worldwide in the field of care for the newborn.

I would like to point out, however, and repeated suggestions from mothers and midwives are the proof, that an increasing number of women, for whatever reason, do not consider giving birth in a health care facility to be the optimal variant for themselves.

I regard the establishment of good relations and communication at the factual and professional level as very important and crucial. I am glad that also thanks to the ICM Prague 2014 Congress we can draw on new experience and knowledge about the roles of midwives in perinatal care.

Dear and esteemed midwives, I would like to wish that this gathering be of benefit to your immensely important work and of benefit to your patients as well.
In Prague on 1 November 2012

Minister of Health of the Czech Republic


ICM 30th triennial congress is supported by

  • Ing. Petr Bratský
    Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
  • Minister of Health of the Czech Republic

  • Mayor of the City of Prague

  • Ing. David Vodrážka
    Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
    and Mayor of district of Prague 13


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